Our highly-experienced team provide up-to-the-minute advice, service, market research and analysis in everything we do.

We also provide:

  • Preparation of initial budget and ongoing operational budgets
  • Advice and recommendations for management structure
  • Assistance in reviewing Form 6’s
  • Representation at Industry associations
  • Assistance with achieving efficient and clear caretaking and letting agreements
  • Design expertise in tailoring your product to the correct target market
  • Up-to-date market information
  • Specialist finance team ensuring accurate accounting and trust compliance
  • Logistics support by other contractors
  • Assistance in creating equity for future investments
  • Dispute resolution
  • Pre-letting and marketing of projects prior to settlement and beyond
  • Coordination between owners, developers and contractors for defect works
  • Assistance and participation with all body corporate meetings
  • Body Corporate Building and Caretaker Reports